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Thursday, August 20, 2009

The mini Sharpies and the mini Sharpie holder work beautifully on vinyl! Super simple project for my boys' door, it is a danger zone! The Keep Out is a fun font that is supposed to be wiggly and it did that wonderfully! And of course the smooth lines on the skull and crossbones came out fantastic as well!


Anonymous said...

SWEET!!! I don't have that cartridge or an Expression . . . I may need you to cut me a skull and crossbones. :-D

Cindy said...

When you drew the shapes, did you then just reload the paper and cut? When you use the Cricut markers you get an outline on the edge of the shape. In your images the line is inside the shape. I like the look so I was just wondering. I'm going to order, just emailed you.

Amy Chomas said...

I don't even unload the paper, I just carefully remove the blade and put in the holder. You can stick a scrap paper under it so you don't accidentally write on your layout! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

these are awesome!! yeah I was wondering too how you got the outlines inside of your cut??
love your site!!

JJMEARS said...

So when you wrote, you just scaled the image down 1/4 or 1/2 an inch?

Also, what is the name of that font? LOVE it!

Amy Chomas said...

I don't know what font that is, I'm sorry! That was so long ago!
But first I wrote regular with the Sharpie, then I cut the shadow. So anything on Design Studio that has a shadow feature you can do this with! Thanks, Amy

Christy said...

Great job amy. that is CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!