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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Reindeer crossing card with Chomas Creations mini gel pen holder and Copics!

I may just have mentioned before that you can use the Copic markers with the Chomas Creations mini gel pen holder and gel pens?  hehe!  Sometimes I feel the need to color things in, and the Copics satisfy that craving for me!  I just love the way they blend together!  So today I played around in Cricut Design Studio to make this reindeer file with Winter Frolic and it is available for download free here... Design Studio reindeer file
I then drew the design with the Chomas Creations mini gel pen holder and the black metallic mini gel pen (from the assorted set), and colored it in with the Copics. And of course nothing is complete without a googly eye!  hehe
I cut the scallopped circle out of Echo Park's Christmas line and added it to another piece of patterned paper to complete the card! 

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susies1955 said...

I'm new to all of this sort of thing but I'm loving it. So pretty.
What is a CUT file?
I'm getting a Silhouette SD for Christmas. Will I be able to use the CUT file in that?
I want to know more about those gel pins too. I'll look over your blog more. :)
Susie in northern NY

Amy Chomas said...

Hi Susie, the CUT files are for the Cricut Design Studio software, so they can't be used with the Silhouette. But the Silhouette does have tons of cute images for download! If a file says Studio file, it is for the Silhouette.
I do it all on my blog hehe!
For sure look at my blog, I also have a Silhouette video under the idea video links on the right of my blog! Amy

susies1955 said...

Thanks for letting me know that the cut files are not for my machine I'm getting. I know the Silhouette uses GSD but didn't know what else.
SO just the gel pins work with the Silhouette and you need a holder?

Amy Chomas said...

Susie, .studio is for the new upgrade to the Studio software that Silhouette has. I have 1 file for journaling boxes as a share. Most of the things I do with Studio are the downloads I get, and I am not allowed to share those!
There is also a mini Sharpie holder for the Silhouettes. And there are 20 different colors of gel pens available on my blog, and it works with the 12 pack of mini gel pens Staples offers. Thanks, Amy

susies1955 said...

Ok I'm a little confused. Sorry I'm a newbie.
Do I have this right that there are TWO holders that I can purchase? One is for the gel pens and one is for the mini sharpie right?

Amy Chomas said...

Right, they are 2 seperate holders because the mini gel pens and mini Sharpies are different sizes. And no problem! You can email me to, it is easier for me to answer amyc222@yahoo.com

SherriC. said...

Love this card Amy, good to know that Copics can be used with the gel pens, not that I have Copics, yet....lol they are on my list,