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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Chomas Creations mini gel pen holder with the Silhouette

I'll admit, I've been slacking with my Silhouette usage!  All of the excitement of the new Chomas Creations engraving tip for the Cricut, and the Silhouette got left behind!  But I got it out today, and designed this page with some of the files I downloaded from the Silhouette library! 
I was looking at some of my old pics on the computer and ran across this one of my now 4 1/2 year old with his 3 blankies.  Yes, he had 3 that meant the world to him, and they went everywhere with him, including to bed at night, there was no going to bed at night without all 3.  I had almost forgot about this little quirk, so I'm very glad I have my photos and scrapbook pages to remind me!
The stars were sketches on the Silhouette site, I used the Chomas Creations mini gel pen holder with the Chomas Creations mini gel pens (there are 20 colors available for order on my blog) for the Silhouette to draw these designs, and then without removing the mat from the machine, I replaced the gel pen holder with the blade and cut them out.  Here are my designs before I played with them, look at those details!  Each dot is seperate in these designs and Chomas Creations mini gel pens drew each one, no problem...

I then used the Copic markers (did you know that the Chomas Creations mini gel pens don't smear when you color with the Copics???) to color in all of the designs on my page!

And here is the finished page!  The papers are all Echo Park's new boy line.

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susies1955 said...

Awesome. I'm not understanding how to use the Gel Pens.
Could you explain it more or how about a video?
Thanks, it is great,

Amy Chomas said...

Already done!
That is a video for the Silhouette, I've also done some for the Cricut.

susies1955 said...

Thanks Amy. I'll watch it. :)

susies1955 said...

Is that a different version of the Silhouette Studio? It looks so different than what I have. :)
Cool video. I wish you could run your video camera all day in your craft room. LOL.

Lola said...

Amy love this layout. I guess I'm going to have to order the holder and pens.

Creative Hugs,

Amy Chomas said...

Yes Susie, that was the older version, so works the same, the idea I mean. Guess I need to update that to lol!
Thanks Lola!

susies1955 said...

Ok, thanks! I LOVE seeing Silhouette videos. :)
I've got to try those things I bought from you at Christmas time. :)