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Friday, October 07, 2011

Square1 printable vinyl

Recently I was given some Square1 printable vinyl to give a try.  Let me first tell you that it is like no other printable vinyl I have seen.  First off it is textured, and for those that know me, you know I love my texture (ok so I've been referred to as a texture snob, hehe).  2nd, it is nice and thick!  And 3rd it is removable and replacable.  2 and 3 go together because you can move it over and over again! 
I did use mine with some cute print and cut images from Silhouette.  My printer worked awesome with it, and as you can see the close up, the colors are nice and bright!  (I did start to take the top sticker off and realized I should take a pic first, so I had to stick it back on, that is why it has that lump!)
My idea was to cover up this old sticker that won't come off the glass on my window from the 1950's but I didn't make it quite big enough!  I thought as the kids walked out of the door everyday they could see these cute messages!
So if you are looking for some awesome printable vinyl to use with your Silhouette or even your Imagine, Square1 is the place to go for sure.  I think I may just have to order more as I had more ideas I didn't get to use!  You can also check out the Square1 facebook page here for more ideas...  facebook page

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