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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

he won't admit it with the Chomas Creations adjustable pen holder

I found these new Sakura gelly roll pens at Michaels and had to give them a try!  They are gold shadow and wow are they neat!

I did fill this font with the internal offset like I have shown in this post... filling a font with internal offset  I added the gel pen to the Chomas Creations adjustable pen holder and let the Cameo do its thing.  This was a tough one to get a pic of!  It does show up nice in real life, and is different colored on different angles. Very cool pens! 

I also used a Staedtler triplus fineliner to do the journaling with the Chomas Creations adjustable pen holder.  The font I used is a thin font from Lettering Delights called Casual.

My pics weren't that great as they were from my phone, but they were sure cute and I couldn't get a repeat performance from Jack!  lol If you want to know more about the oils I am using for Jack and the rest of my family, feel free to visit my oily blog at... getting oily

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Friday, April 04, 2014

Drew layout with Chomas Creations adjustable pen holder

This is my super duper cute new nephew Drew!  Don't you just love his hair blowing in the breeze!?! 
One of my favorite things to do with the Chomas Creations adjustable pen holder for the Cameo is to make my own background paper!  You can download the graph paper file for Studio here...graph paper  I used the Chomas Creations black metallic gel pen in the Chomas Creations adjustable pen holder with a speed of 3 and a pressure of 10 to draw these lines.
I also used the Chomas Creations adjustable pen holder to draw the journaling lines in this thought bubble.  You can get the file and tutorial for that here... thought bubble

The title was using the Lettering Delights Remington Portable. 

And here is the cutie patootie I was talking about, my Drew!  My daughter asked me to please please please put some buttons on this layout and picked them all out for me! 

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Senior photo mini album with Chomas Creations ajustable holder

Leave it to me to leave this to the last minute!  Just 2 days till my daugther's grad party and I'm still working on little projects (ok, so this one is kinda a big thing time wise!  I had this mini album sitting around just waiting to be done (2 pieces of acrylic and 4 pieces of chipboard, I had to decorate them).  I thought it would be cool to write on the arylic sheets of the album!  So I added the sheet with the blue protective cover on the bottom (that is why it looks blue in the picture) to my Cricut mat, then added some blue painters tape to keep it super secure, and added my Chomas Creations adjustable marker holder to the Cricut Expression 2.  Now being that I had this piece of acrylic in the machine that is higher then your standard cardstock, I wanted to adjust the height of my Bic Mark-It so that it didn't write on the surface of the acrylic.  So this time I added the popcycle stick on TOP of the acrylic sheet when choosing my height.  This kept it higher!

 I used a speed of 2 (didn't want my marker to smear!) and a pressure of 2 then drew my design with the Chomas Creations adjustable marker holder for the Cricut and a Bic Mark-It.

I used the Chomas Creations embossing kit to emboss the design onto a metal sheet.  I added the colored side of the metal sheet to the embossing mat, embossed the design, then sanded the raised image.

Here are some more pages in the album!  Wheeewh so glad that is done!

And here is the entire book put together! 

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tutorial filling in fonts with internal offset

I got so many questions on how I filled my design on my last post that I figured I would do a quick tutorial for you!  It is actually quite easy and takes less then a minute!  The designs are all Studio downloads.
Click on the offset feature (1) then click on internal offset (2).  You can adjust the offset up and down to space the lines inside your design (3).
Make sure you highlight the outside of your design each time you do this and keep changing the offset up and down until it looks full.  This is a small design, so I did the internal offset 4 times and it completely filled in my design. 
I then added a Sakura Moonlight Gelly roll gel pen to the Chomas Creations adjustable pen holder, adjusted the thickness to 6 and the speed to 3 and drew my design.  Notice that my design is moved away from the white rollers to prevent smearing.

And here is my finished card!!!  Doesn't it look like chalk on chalkboard!
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Monday, March 17, 2014

Birthday card with Chomas Creations adjustable pen holder

I love how this turned out, looks so much like chalk on chalkboard!!  This is the Sakura moonlight gelly roll gel pens in the Chomas Creations adjustable pen holder.  The file is from the Studio store.  I used internal offset to fill in the pattern on this file.  I kept adjusting the internal offset until the whole thing was filled!  Worked great!  Because these pens are pretty juicy, I used a speed of 2 and a thickness of 6. 
Want to give it a try?  Use the coupon code march14 in the Chomas Creations store to save 10% off your entire order!

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Friday, March 07, 2014

What a crazy bunch with the Chomas Creations adjustable pen holder

Oh no!  Stale blog!  I have had no time to craft, how sad is that?  We are working on remodeling my kitchen and putting bamboo floors in my living room and dining room!  It is going to be a long slow process and I can't wait till it is done!
I did manage to sneak in this page though as I needed some crafty time!  I used the black metallic gel pen in the Chomas Creations adjustable pen holder to draw the graph paper on kraft cardstock.  You can get the file for the graph paper here... graph paper


The title was from the Studio store.  I cut it out of the Silhouette corrugated cardstock using the settings provided by Studio!  It worked really well and I like the texture it adds!

Here are my crazy kids with my niece and nephew!  I kept it simple to focus on the kiddies!

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Sunday, February 09, 2014

Valentine's Day cards with the Chomas Creations adjustable pen holder

My daughter seriously cracks me up!  I showed her these Valentines I designed and she was over the moon!!!  She couldn't wait to get them started! 
If you would like the share to make these for your kiddies, here you go!  I mustache you to be my Valentine
I seriously made over 60 of these today with the Silhouette and the Chomas Creations adjustable pen holder.  It does take a bit to draw, but it is so worth it!  I do love the look of gel pen on paper!  These gel pens are the Sakura Moonlight Gelly Roll. 
I used a speed of 3 and a thickness of 4 to draw these.  These pens are juicy and you don't want them to smear!
I gave the kids a glue stick and a white gel pen to write on the backs of their cards (I layered these with red cardstock) and put them to work!
I cut the mustaches out of black fuzzy vinyl!  Soooo fun! 
My daughter put together an assembly line and cranked these out in no time, all 31!  eeeek
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Thursday, January 30, 2014

My amazingly, fantastic, super duper, saaaweet oily necklace with the Chomas Creations engraving tip

I have an amazingly, fantastic, super duper, saaaweet guest post coming to you from Michelle Glaeser.  Now because I know nothing about metal clay, this is all written in Michelle's words!  And if you are interested in an oily necklace all your own, look at the bottom of this post as she will work with you to make one for you!  And if you want to see what kinds of oils I'm putting in my new necklace you can visit my getting oily! blog.

Making Fine Silver Essential Oil Pendants with the Chomas Creations Engraving Tip
Amy is one of my best online friends these days!  We met over her lovely tools which make my main hobby (metal clay) more interesting.  About 1.5 years ago, I decided to follow along with some other metal clay artists on these Silhouette Cameo paper cutters for metal clay.  Well, I sure have enjoyed using this tool!  We had used it for cutting metal clay in the form of “paper.”  Wanaree Tanner has shared some great projects with this material and Amy’s cutters. 

Lately, Amy has gotten me interested in the use of essential oils, for well everything.  She asked if a pendant could be made of metal clay to allow the essential oils to be smelled all day around your neck.  For example, the blend oil called “Motivation” will help Amy stay motivated to get all our orders out right from her website!  (How could I not offer to help?)  How could I also not use her Engraving tip on the pendant?!

The idea behind this pendant is many cut outs to let the essential oil vent.   A piece of felt will be used to hold the oil.  I provided Amy several pieces of felt per pendant, so they could be interchanged and dedicated to particular oils.  The pendant is fine silver, and is reversible, so it’s like two pendants in one!  Who feels the same way each day?  So, besides swapping oil, Amy can swap designs with her mood!
So here’s what I did!  First Amy and I worked together to design a pendant for both herself and her son. I prefer to make pieces inspired by my clients, so we looked over some images and came up with the two images (top) below.  The black spaces are what I intended to remove to allow the essential oil to vent through the pendant and a grabbing notch for felt removal.  Then I rolled PMC 3, in lump form, rolled 2 playing cards thick the size of both the front and back of the piece.   I did not use glycerin to make it flexible and had no issues!  I made it dry flat.  In the image below right, it is on a piece of furniture foam; lets air all around the clay, helps it dry  flat. 


Then I add a piece of contact paper to the back, seen upper left in the image below.  It helps the clay on removal from the cutting mat and prevents silver from getting  stuck in your mat.  Because silver is pricy, and I don’t want to mis-cut on my Silhouette, I usually cut a window into a sheet on top of my cutting mat, so I know where to place the silver.  I slightly oversized my silver and matched the window.  After I cut the window with my blade, (I do not remove the cutting mat) I peel out the window, and place my silver in the window (upper right image below). Next, I install the Chomas Engraving Tip!
  Have you seen this cut?  Here she goes on fine silver metal clay!

I set up my engraving tip as a sketch pen; I set my thickness to 15.   I wasn’t looking to remove lots of material,  I was looking for a nice fine line. I ran my pass and ended up with the image seen above, lower right.  

There are other things I could have done here.  Because 2-cards thick is 0.5mm, a blade setting of 5 would cut through the windows I was looking to add.  Likely I’ll do this next time! ;-)  But I just used these lines as guides.  I used both an Exacto knife and a needle tool to trace the lines and remove the windows.  I used tiny needle files to clean up those edges.  Look how cute it turned out!!

So…I had to charge my camera…and didn’t get pictures of the box assembly.  I found 8-cards thick was sufficient to fit the felt inside the pendant.  I had two options, make wedges 8-cards thick (2 mm), or use a thinner sheet that is 2 mm tall.  This is what I did, to reduce distortion during firing.  I used Sherri Haab’s Paste Maker to make a thick paste to attach these walls to the faces of the box.  I filed the sides to create nice flat edges around the box (image below left, prior to firing).  I used a nail file to sand those edges flat and smooth.  The boxes stand on their own fairly well! 


Above, right, you can see the pieces after firing, polishing, and oxidizing.  I will let you know the boxes did fall (pinch inward) slightly during firing, next time I will add kiln paper in the center to help prevent this.  Another option is to set this on kiln paper, and fill with alumina hydrate.  I don’t prefer to use the alumina hydrate because it is caustic; however, because it is fine, it will be pushed out the holes as the box shrinks in the kiln.  I did use one of my flat needle files after firing to push the walls back flat (against the table) after firing.  You can see it all worked out just fine! Below we’ve got both pendants with felt ready to go!

If you’d like one of your own for your essential oil, I’ve got a listing in my etsy shop: mfglaeser.etsy.com!  For the Chomas Blog Readers, I have a $10 off coupon code: CHOMAS10!  Each of these will be made on demand with your help.  It’s not hard to get something you’ll like, just need some ideas about what you’re interested in!  The pendant itself is listed here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/176360753/design-your-own-essential-oil-necklace

If you try this one your own and need any tips feel free to contact me at mfglaeser@yahoo.com!  Hope you all had fun with this project and Amy’s engraving tip!

Amy here again!  I'm loving being in the Silhouette tools business and now the oily business!  I'm finding out so much about both, and there is so much more to find out!
And how lucky am I to be the first for the necklaces??   Want to see some of the oils I am using with my necklace?  Check them out on my new blog getting oily!

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Essential oils and my life!

I've had a lot of questions and comment on the essential oils that I added to my change is good scrapbook page so figured I would add a post about them here.  Hope this helps some of your questions!  And if you are only here for my crafty ideas, feel free to skip this post!

I started a lemon, lavender, and peppermint oil combination to help with allergies.  Lucky me, 2 of the oils in the combination, lemon & peppermint, are also good for weight loss.  That is not at all what I was trying for, but hey I will take all of the health benefits I can get! 

So beginning of November I started the oily trio for allergies.  Then I found out if you add grapefruit oil you can help boost your metabolism.  I thought, hey why not try?  So I started adding the grapefruit to my allergy trio the beginning of December.
Well get this!!??!!  I had to do a weigh in for the start of a cleanse I am doing (detox from the holidays as I ate terrible!)  I'm down a whole percent of body fat.  That is 1% of my body fat gone during the holidays, the most stressful time of the year!  I have to admit I didn't eat all that well and I tend to stress eat.  And we will just say I was realllllly stressed this holiday...
If you are interested in learning more about the essential oils and what I'm doing with them, feel free to visit my new blog... getting oily! 
I'm very excited to share another part of my getting healthy and staying healthy journey! 

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