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Monday, December 13, 2010

Holy snow storm batman!!! Shipping info.

To celebrate my mom's 60th birthday the family all chipped in and took her for a weekend away at the Kalahari water park in Ohio!  There were 16 of us!  We were supposed to leave Sunday morn, but woke up to terrible weather, and news from the home front that the roads were even worse up by us!  So we got snowed in, which isn't so bad when you are at a fun water park hehe!  The plan was to leave early this morning (Monday), but after it took my hubby 45 minutes to clear off the mini van and get the doors unstuck, that was out of the question!  It was super windy driving, but the roads through Ohio and all the way to Detroit in Michigan were all clear, and we thought we were home free!  NOPE!  Detroit was an ice rink!  So many people were backwards against the rails, so many accidents, super scary driving (which my hubby did ultra safe and slow).  Most of the way home was like this, or with packed down snow where  you couldn't see the lines!  At least it was a clear day, as Sunday there was blowing winds at 50 MPH that would make for a nice white out that no one wants to drive in!  So we are home, safe and sound, but 3 hours after I wanted to be.  Which means I had no time to pack orders from the weekend, or get to the post office!  I'm soooo sorry!  I will be doing that tonight and everything will ship tomorrow!  Now to warm up!  Hope you all had a great weekend!

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Karelj said...

That's the weather that we're getting now...it's been snowing (again) all day, and we aren't supposed to have a day without snow until after Christmas.
I'm in the middle of a 24 Days of Cards on my blog, where I show some of the cards I made this year. There are also two days left to enter my December Card Challenge...my blog is http://karelj.blogspot.com and the Challenge info is on a page at the top of the blog. I hope you'll enter...your cards from earlier this month are perfect for it! The prize this month is a Gingerbread cartridge! Karelj

Tabitha said...

Wow you were super close to me. We love Kalahari. We spent Christmas eve there 2 years ago before my brother left for Iraq. Isn't that place great. Glad to hear you are home safe. ;0) Now defrost and enjoy the rest of your week.

Wendy Raffin said...

Holy Cow Amy!! Glad you are safe and sound. I live in White Lake, Mi., just outside of Novi. Kids have had 2 days off school, which leaves me no time to play, but I am going to have to try the engraving on metal jewelry. Who would have guessed??!!

Amy Chomas said...

Karelj, thanks! That is tooooo much snow, hope you get shoveled out!
Tabitha, that place was AMAZING! And who can complain about getting snowed in at a place like that?
Wendy my kids had 2 days off to! Not that they are complaining! Too bad it was TOOOO cold for them to play out in it! Brrrr!
And I wouldn't have thought about it, that is why I brought in the reinforcements! I love seeing what others try!