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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Last Christmas project for the year with the Chomas Creations engraving tip!

Tomorrow is officially Christmas Eve, and I'm offically done with Christmas projects for the year!  I didn't get a lot of the things I wanted to get done, but this was a fun one!
I found these clear acrylic mini photo albums from Clear Scraps, and the cool news is they have more then just Christmas shapes!  I picked these up at Archivers.

They had snowmen, snowflakes, stars and Christmas trees and I saw them as the perfect ornaments after I used the Chomas Creations engraving tip on them to write the kids names!
But how to get them to fit right?  Well I traced the shapes on a piece of paper, scanned that in my computer, and then used Make-the-Cut to do an image trace of the images. 
Then I used the Chomas Creations mini gel pen holder in the Cricut to draw these images onto a sheet of paper, which I left in the machine.  I then added adhesive to the backs of my acrylic shapes (without removing the protective sheet that was on the backs of each piece), and then laid them on the piece of paper I used the Chomas Creations gel pen holder to draw on, so they were in the right spot. 
With MTC I added my names in each shape, then used the Chomas Creations engraving tip to etch into each plastic shape.  They were always in the right spot!
I simply finished with a piece of ribbon on each!  They look so pretty on the tree with the light shining through!  I made one for each of my nieces and nephews!

I hope all of you in blog land have a wonderful Christmas!!!  Take the time to be thankful for all those special people in your life and make sure you tell them how much you love them!  I'm so excited to be able to spend the holiday with my family!  I'll be back next week with more fun ideas!
Merry Christmas!

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Maria said...

What a great idea! I know how hard it is to get good pictures of these projects--but I can see exactly what they look like! I need to try some of these, I have some of those ornaments!
Hope your family had a WONDERFUL Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna have to get me that engraving tip and some acrylic cardstock! Those were just too cute!