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Friday, April 29, 2011

Rock On birthday card with Chomas Creations micro Sharpie holder

My youngest son's 5th birthday is right around the corner (ok, now how did my baby get to be 5??) so I wanted to make him a fun rock star birthday card, as he totally rocks hehe!  I love the clear cardstock for making cards and layering them, and what could be better on the clear cardstock then the Chomas Creations micrio Sharpie holder?  The Sharpies are permanent and don't smear on slippery surfaces like this.  And I also offer 8 colors of micro Sharpies for sale on my blog!
I designed a rock star card with Design Studio and the Birthday Bash cartridge using 2 different layers for the red & blue stars on the card.  The file is available for download here... Rock on birthday card file

To get this effect is easy!  First you add the Chomas Creations micro Sharpie holder and the red micro Sharpie.  Use the red draw page in the Design Studio file to draw the red stars.

Now without removing your mat from the machine, using a scrap piece of paper under your micro Sharpie to protect your card, remove the micro Sharpie holder from the machine.  Replace it with the blue micro Sharpie and draw the blue draw page in the Design Studio file.

Again without removing the mat from the machine, using a scrap piece of paper remove the micro Sharpie holder from the machine.  Replace your blade and cut the cut card page layer.

Now you have 2 different colors of drawn stars on your card.  If you want to do something similar, you could add as many layers as you need to, just make sure everything lines up by copying and pasting on different layers.

Here is the front of the card with the title also added on.  I cut 4 layers of the title to add to the front of my card to make it pop up even more.

So where do your write your card sentiments for these cards?  Well for this one I cut 2 big yellow stars and added an extra to the back of the card to write on for the birthday boy!

Also!  Tomorrow is the big Disney/Pixar blog hop!  Be sure to drop by at 6 am eastern time (ok, so I'm posting ahead of time, I don't get up that early, hehe) for the start of the hop!  Lots of awesome blogs for this 2 day hop this time!!

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Melissa said...

Oh that card is cool Amy!!! I need to get to playing around with my Chomas Creations stuff again!

BunnyFreak said...

Love how this turned out. Very cool.

JeanneLee said...

Totally sweet star card! I have all your holders...but can't find those mini micro Sharpies...maybe I need to order them! Off to see if you have them!

Rae-beccadesigns said...

Great card, Amy! I went to staples for the mini sharpies and they didn't have them. Maybe when school starts?

Anonymous said...

Fantastic!!! you have done a great job i like your posted clear card Rock on with yellow star...
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