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Friday, April 08, 2011

Have you tried out Cricut Search?

I just have to share this!  I was in the Disney/Pixar blog hop and one of the blogs on the hop is Cricut Search and to be honest, I hadn't tried it yet.  But today I wanted a bike for this page I am doing, and I had no clue which cartridge had one, so I gave it a shot!
First I typed bike into the search box...

Then a list of all the cartridges for the Cricut that have a bike on them show up, and you can pick the cartridge you have, with the design you like!
Look at that!  Not only do you know which cartridge, but it shows the page as well!  How easy is that?

I thought it would be cool to emboss the bike design for this page.  So I got out the Ten Seconds Studios appletini metal sheets and put one face down on my Chomas Creations embossing mat, then embossed the design with the embossing tip.  The metal is easy to cut around, so I did that with my scissors then adhered them to my page.

My journaling oval was one I did in Make-the-Cut. I had promised to share it awhile ago and completely forgot, so for those waiting for it, here it is!

The title was cut with the Boys Will Be Boys cartridge which I welded together with Design Studio.

Here is the completed page along with my fast girl! 

Also did you see the announcement about the Chomas Creations mini gel pen and mini Sharpie holders coming down in price?  If not, scroll down to find out more!
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Rebecca said...

Very, very cute! I use cricut search all the time. I love it! When I think of something at work that I want, I type it and so that when I go home I know exactly what cart to pull. Saves me a lot time.


Melissa said...

I know! Isn't Shawn's site awesome!?!? I use it all the time! Okay....I NEED the embossing tip for sure now! Super cute!


Shawn Mosch said...

Love the layout, and I am so happy that Cricut Search was able to help you find the image you needed fast.

The Mom of the family that created Cricut Search

Myrna said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping me figure out this Canada-U.S. money and shipping thing.
Looking forward to playing with the pens and holder.
Thanks for the tip on the Cricut search.

Maria said...

Your bike is so smooth! I just love it. Looks totally store bought :)