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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Boys will be boys with Chomas Creations Silhouette mini gel pen holder

I love the little stories I've journaled as my kids are growing.  My youngest son has always kept me on my toes, so for a funny story with him at age 2, read the journaling I'll add at the end of this post!  I swear sometimes my life should be a TV show with these kids hehe!  You can't make this stuff up!

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I used the Echo Park line of papers for this page, and Silhouette now works with Echo Park for images you can download for their Studio software for $.99.  I love that they match the paper lines!  But I don't love all of the small parts you would have to cut in different colors for this page.  So I cheated hehe!  I used the Chomas Creations mini gel pen holder for the Silhouette along with the black metallic mini gel pen to draw the title, the truck and car, then cut around them with the Silhouette.  I colored the images in with the Copic markers. 

Here is the completed layout with the journaling!

Here is the journaling for the page!
Sometimes my life feels like it is straight out of a comedy show. One night I was out of Advil (not a good thing) & Jack was really crabby so I took him to Kroger's with me, the change in scenery usually does him a world of good. I'm looking at the Advil, I grab the bottle I want, we start to walk down the aisle and I am telling Jack, watch out, but don't have enough time to grab him, and BOOM!! He knocks over the deodorant display, & deodorant goes flying EVERYWHERE! I'm not at all embarrassed, I wish I had a loud speaker to announce CLEAN UP ON AISLE 3 over, cause I would. Jack tells me something along the lines of "what a mess" and I'm trying not to laugh and come off as rude in there, but I was very amused. Being the good mom that I am, I tell Jack, let's clean up our mess and I proceed to stand the cardboard tipsy makeshift deodorant shelf back up and collect the slew of deodorants to put back on it. I'm thinking this is a good lesson in cleaning up after yourself, but the shelf has another plan. After we take all the time and get about 1/2 of the 20 or so deodorants that are everywhere back onto the shelf, over it goes again!!! At this point, I'm realizing I am not winning the deodorant battle, so I walk up to the pharmacy and tell the lady that I think the shelf is broke and I tried to clean it up, and she tells me not to worry about it. Yeah, don't tell me when the shelf is knocked over, but after I spend 5 minutes with my hands full and making a bigger mess of things, and making sure to keep an eye on Jack as he tends to run!

Mental note to self, 2 minute trip in store or not, put Jack in the buggy!!!! May 4, 2008

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Kim said...

O the Good Ol Days!! Cute story and yur page is adorable:)

Unknown said...

This is beyond adorable! I love the colors :)