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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Best settings for the Chomas Creations tools and the Silhouette Cameo

These are a few of my favorite settings for using the Chomas Creations tools in the Silhouette Cameo.  If you have any you would like to add to the list that work for you leave a comment and I will add them here.  These are general settings that work for me.  You may want to practice with your machine and scrap paper to see if they work for you!

Chomas Creations adjustable pen holder
Normal gel pens
Thickness  5-9  Speed  6-7

Longer to dry gel pens like Sakura Glaze or Souffle
Thickness  5-9 Speed 1-2

Stylus for embossing (use with Chomas Creations embossing mat)
Thickness    33 Speed 6-8
May need to use double cut (do this without removing the mat or adjustable pen holder from the machine)

Stylus for scoring (do not use an embossing mat)
Thickness    33  Speed  6-8
May need to use double cut, or even to cut it 3-4 times depending on how thick your cardstock is

Chomas Creations adjustable marker holder
Permanent markers such as Sharpies, Bic Mark-Its
Thickness  1-5 Speed  3-5
May use a double cut to make your design even darker on glossy surfaces

Longer to dry gel pens like Signo Uniball White
Thickness  5-9 Speed 1-2

Normal no bleed pens and markers
Thickness  5-9  Speed 5-6

Glue pens (keep the speed slow so you don't smear)
Thickness  5-9 Speed 1-2

Chomas Creations engraving tip
Acrylic, Core'dinations cardstock, metal sheets
Thickness  33  Speed 5-6
May need to use double cut

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Carol said...

Hi Amy! Do you have another post like this for Cricut?

TDani21 said...

Would you recommend doing this embossing with the cameo on large projects, say 100 or more? I need full pages embossed...

Amy Chomas said...

I would say the machine would need breaks in between. I wouldn't put a machine through that much work all in a row. Like do 5-10, take a nice break to let the machine cool down.

Colleen Garner said...

I have your gel pens, how do I get them to write with my silhouette without skipping

Amy Chomas said...

There are a few things to try. If there is a lot of lint on the paper that can be a problem. Also try increasing your pressure or doing a double cut. Some papers are just not made for gel pens and no matter what you aren't going to be able to write on them.
Also air bubbles can get into the pen tubes, try taking them out of the pen part, and blowing in the end opposite the tip. Sounds nuts but it works!

Jerri said...

Hi, Amy! I just picked up your Engraving Tip for my Cameo 3 and am trying to complete my first design using Silhouette Studio Designer 4.1.

I have the tip in the "Tool 2" (blue) holder. In Silhouette Studio, "Tool 1" is set to "No Cut," and "Tool 2" is set to "Cut."

But when I send the design to the Cameo, for some reason the Cameo thinks it should be using "Tool 1."


Thank you.

Jerri said...

Never mind...I moved the tip to "Tool 1" and it's finally working. :-)

Amanda said...
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