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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

More fun with the Chomas Creations precision tip and a coupon hehe!

I'm so excited on how these all worked out!  I had engraved on all of these with the Chomas Creations precision tip in either the Cricut or Silhouette and then used a Sharpie to color on them and it worked!!!  The afters are  on top, as you can tell lol, and the befores are on the bottom.
I used a fine point Sharpie, colored over the entire etched area, then used rubbing alcohol to get the excess off and I was left with what you see!
And before I go too far how about a coupon coupon code for those ready to give this a go!  Use the code nov2019 until 11-25 to save 10% off your purchase in the Chomas Creations store... Chomas Creations store

It worked just as well on the acrylic, same idea, cover the entire area and rub the excess off with rubbing alcohol. 

Even the tiniest of tiny objects worked, these charms are just 1/2 inch around.

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