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Saturday, October 23, 2010

100% boy with Chomas Creations mini Sharpie holder

Who has mini Sharpie holders available for the Cricut?  I DO I DO!  lol  Gotta love them on metal sheets, vinyl, transparencies, vellum!  No smearing, no bleeding either!  And did you know they come in 24 different colors???
Here is a page of my youngest boy, who is ALL BOY!  Loving all the titles for boys on this cartridge, they so fit my Jack.  For this one I used the orange mini Sharpie on the Quickutz metal sheet.  I like using Design Studio for these kinds of designs, cause that way I can cut on one layer, and draw with another layer.
This is the layer for all of my cuts.  I load it up with scrap paper so I can get it all done in one try.

Here is the layer I have set up to do my drawing, I have it labeled draw layer.  Without removing the mat, I carefully remove the blade (don't move the blade carriage or the draw lines won't line up), set the pressure to minimum, and draw the draw page.

Then I layer all my cuts, and put together the page, here is the result!  You can download this file for use with Design Studio and Boys will be boys here... 100% boy file

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Melissa said...

I like it 100%!!!

Anonymous said...

i like it . cant wait to get my new mini gell pens and holders to try them out. K

DoriG said...

I love my holders! And I love your pages 'cause they spark my creativity. BTW, you are NOT talking to yourself!

WAM Family said...

100% like. Oh, I am reading so you aren't talking to yourself. LOL

Thanks for sharing,