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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Out in the snow!
That is where the kids were today! Ella wakes up to a yard full of snow and the first thing she wants to do is go out and play! So I bundle her up, Cam bundles up, and they are headed outside and Jack tries to follow, BAREFOOT!!! BRRRR Jack, he did not like that feeling! So on the hunt for boots for Jack, I knew they would be pink, but couldn't find the warm matching ones, darnit! So there lie the pink rain boots, good enough, throw on a couple pairs of socks and layer the baby up, and daddy takes him outside! He LOVED it! Daddy pulled him around in the sled, then he got to go down the slide, and when it was time to come in there was quite a FIT thrown by Jack! He so did not want to! OF course when I told him it was time for a bath he ran up the stairs and forgot all about going "side". Cam had a blast pushing Ella down the little hill in our backyard, and Ella was quite the trooper staying out there so long!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I want some snow!!!!!